PSA 521 : Notes on Chapter 9-11

These are the simple notes for three final chapters of PSA 521 – most frequently asked topics in final exam questions.

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(Download) Chapter 9 – Government Procurement

(Download) Chapter 10 – Statutory Bodies

(Download) Chapter 11 – Local Government


PSA 521 : Past Year Exam Question Analysis

This is the past year exam question analysis for PSA 521. The accuracy of the analysis is not guaranteed. Use it at your own risk.

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(Download) PSA 521 Past Year Exam Question Analysis

FAR 600 : Group Project (Plantation)

For those who are still in search for plantation companies in Main Market (Bursa Malaysia), these are some of the companies:

BLD Plantation BhdGenting Plantations Berhad
Hap Seng Plantation Holdings
IJM Plantations Bhd
Innoprise Plantations Berhad
MHC Plantations Bhd
Negri Sembilan Oil Palms Berhad
PLS Plantations Berhad
Riverview Rubber Estates Bhd
Sarawak Plantation Bhd
Sungei Bagan Rubber Co (M) Bhd
TH Plantations Bhd
Tradewinds Plantation Bhd
Unico-Desa Plantations Bhd
United Plantations Bhd

AUD 610 : Literature Review Topics

Hereby listed the topics for literature review:

Technology is a double edge sword. On the one hand, it can make auditor’s work more difficult. On the other hand, auditor can harness their power in order to facilitate the work. Discuss.

Many users of financial statements believe that auditor guarantee the accuracy of financial statements or even guarantee financial viability of the business. Meanwhile, auditors believe that performing audit according to standards is all that can be expected from them. Discuss.

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PSA 521 : Treasury Circular Letters & Treasury Instruction

These are relevant Treasury Circular Letters and Treasury Instruction for Chapter 9 – Government Procurement.

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(Download) TCL 4/2002  – Kenaikan Had Nilai dan Syarat-Syarat Pembelian Terus Bagi Bekalan dan Perkhidmatan

(Download) TCL 8/2004 – Had Nilai dan Syarat-Syarat Pembelian Terus Bagi Bekalan dan Perkhidmatan

(Download) TCL 5/2009 – Perubahan Had Nilai dan Tatacara Pengurusan Perolehan Secara Sebut Harga

(Download) Treasury Instruction