FAR 450 : Solutions

Below are the download links of solutions for some past year exam/test/textbook/tutorial questions.

It should be noted that the solutions are made under the guidance of lecturers but still, fully completed by students. Therefore, the reliability of these solutions ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

To download, right-click the download link, then click “Save Target As”.

(Download) April 2011 – Petra Group Bhd

(Download) April 2010 – Flaxseed Group Bhd

(Download) April 2011 – Victory Group Bhd

(Download) Test 2, October 2010 – Pagi Bhd

(Download) Jun 2011 – Honey Group

(Download) Question 9.13, textbook – Oliver & Twist

(Download) Question from UITM Perlis Manual – Speed Bhd

(Download) Capital reduction, lecture notes – ABC Co

(Download) Capital reduction, October 2007 – Dotrok Bhd

(Download) Test 1, November 2011 – Lanang & Mayang

(Download) Test 1, March 2011 – Kekanda, Dinda & Anakanda



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