MAF 640 : Textbook Slide Shows

These are Powerpoint Presentations for Chapter 1 to Chapter 13 from the textbook, The Management of Strategy: Cases and Concepts 9th Edition (Ireland, Hoskisson, Hitt)

To download, right-click the download link, then click “Save Target As”.

(Download) Chapter 1 – Strategic Management and Competitiveness

(Download) Chapter 2 – The External Environment: Opportunities, Threats, Competition, and Competitor Analysis

(Download) Chapter 3 – The Internal Environment: Resources, Capabilities, Competencies, and Competitive Advantage

(Download) Chapter 4 – Business-Level Strategy

(Download) Chapter 5 – Competitive Rivalry and Dynamics

(Download) Chapter 6 – Corporate-Level Strategy

(Download) Chapter 7 – Strategic Acquisition and Restructuring

(Download) Chapter 8 – Global Strategy

(Download) Chapter 9 – Cooperative Implications for Strategy

(Download) Chapter 10 – Corporate Governance and Ethics

(Download) Chapter 11 – Structure and Control with Organizations

(Download) Chapter 12 – Leadership Implications for Strategy

(Download) Chapter 13 – Entrepreneurial Implications for Strategy


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