PSA 521 : 10th Malaysian Plan

These are the relevant links for PSA 521 assignment on 10th Malaysian Plan. All links are taken from the official website of Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Prime Minister’s Department.

To download, right-click the download link, then click “Save Target As”.

(Download) RMK10 – Ringkasan Eksekutif

(Download) 10MP – PM Speech

(Download) RMK10 – Ucapan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri

(Download) Chapter 1 – 1Malaysia: Charting Development Towards A High Income Nation (This document contains all 10 big ideas required to be completed in the assignment)

For further reference, these are the other chapters of 10MP:

(Download) Chapter 2 – Building on The Nation’s Strength

(Download) Chapter 3 – Creating The Environment for Unleashing Economic Growth

(Download) Chapter 4 – Moving Towards Inclusive Socio-economic Development

(Download) Chapter 5 – Developing and Retaining A First-world Talent Base

(Download) Chapter 6 – Building The Environment That Enhances Quality of Life

(Download) Chapter 7 – Transforming Government to Transform Malaysia


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