MAF 680 : Issues For Case Study 2 – Turning Around MAS

These are the outline given by Dr Maheran to discuss and present Case Study 2 – Turning Around MAS.

Five Column Analysis

1 – Cash flow problem

2 – Cash flow opportunities

3 – Methods to generate cash flow

4 – Obstacles in generating cash flow

5 – Effect of balance sheet

Discussion questions

1 – Find possible causes of bottleneck MAS was facing i.e. the financial need.

2 – Identify the potential sources of internally and externally generated fund e.g. loan, shares, etc.

3 – Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of budget restructuring and the various sources of fund.

4 – Do you think the business turnaround plan was successful? Why?

5 – What are the cost issue faced by an airline company?

6 – What are the revenue issue faced by an airline company?

7 – Which cost or revenue is the hardest to control or manage?

8 – What are the necessary tools that can be used to manage the cost and revenue?

9 – What criteria would you use to decide whether MAS had successful turnaround?

10 – Does this mean that MAS will continue to profit in the future? What are the threats on sustainability?


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