AUD 610 : Literature Review Topics

Hereby listed the topics for literature review:

Technology is a double edge sword. On the one hand, it can make auditor’s work more difficult. On the other hand, auditor can harness their power in order to facilitate the work. Discuss.

Many users of financial statements believe that auditor guarantee the accuracy of financial statements or even guarantee financial viability of the business. Meanwhile, auditors believe that performing audit according to standards is all that can be expected from them. Discuss.

Advertising for auditing services is beneath the dignity of the profession. Discuss.

Often, questions have been raised regarding the responsibility of the independent auditor for the discovery of fraud. Discuss.

Auditor can never be truly independent since their audit fee is paid by the company that they audit. Discuss.

Practice review/peer review contributes towards increasing the quality of accounting, auditing and attestation services provided by the Chartered Accountant firms. Discuss. Distinguish between practice and peer reviews.

Consider the credibility of the accounting and auditing profession following the collapses of firms such as Enron and Arthur Andersen. Do you believe that both the regulators and the profession itself have done enough to restore the credibility of auditors in particular? Discuss.

Some practitioners question the usefulness of statistical sampling at all, since it certainly does not eliminate or even reduce the need for professional judgement. The auditor must still decide on a tolerable misstatement amount, assess related inherent and control risks, and respond appropriately to test results. Discuss.

The report must contains table of content, introduction, contents, and conclusion. 10 pages maximum.

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